The Ultimate Guide To Remodeling Your RV


Aug 3, 2020
RV Renovations

When it comes to RV Renovations, it can be a bit of a daunting project but it can be a lot of fun too. Just remember no matter what your RV looks like out the outside, it’s the inside that really makes or breaks the camping trip.

Step one is to get a plan started. That way you will know what you need and in the order of doing things. Right, before you start painting go through every nook and cranny and caulk any existing cracks or gaps. Now when it comes to the kitchen and bathroom you’ll want to use white silicone to help make sure water doesn’t get into unknown places. Now if your floors aren’t in good condition then the rest of your RV renovations won’t be able to come together. Now only use You can always upgrade to tile or hardwood-style laminate.

Flooring is always the best base starter. Depending on what you go with will set the whole RV. Another nice RV renovation is having a backsplash for your kitchen and/or bathroom. In your kitchen, you’ll want to put in a new sink and maybe new countertops. If you don’t want to spend a whole lot you can buy the newfangled peel-and-stick backsplash. They have a lot of options to choose from. When it comes to your bathroom another good thing would be to replace your shower head to get something new with high-pressure it will make a world difference.

Upgrading your toilet and storage space is always good. You can find a good replacement toilet for only a little over $100. The next best place to start your RV renovation is in the bedroom. Replacing that outdated mattress will be one of the most impactful upgrades you will ever make. Now if you can’t afford a new mattress at the time you can always go with a new high-quality bed topper.

For the outer areas for the new RV renovations going solar can lead you to new places you’ve never been to. Now RV solar panels can be an expensive investment but you will have a wonderful payoff. They are way better than having to use a generator that gives off fumes and is really loud.

Repainting the exterior can give it a different feeling too. Also if you do decide to repaint the exterior get the right protective sealants, they can help protect your RV from water damage. You can always add an awning or upgrade to a new one. The best thing about awnings is they give you a bit more living space but it also helps to keep the inside cool by blocking the sun rays from coming in through the windows.

Something that you don’t have to have now but you can add on later is an exterior entertainment system. Campgrounds that do offer WIFI don’t have the best bandwidth with all the campers trying to use it. So I would suggest getting a hotspot that you’ll be able to bring with you or you can buy different pieces of tech gear to help you improve your WIFI signal.

Something else that would be nice to have is a washer/dryer combo and you would be able to add it into Teknologi Smartphone space where you wouldn’t mind getting rid of some storage space. Adding a nice decor will finish bringing your RV renovation together. If you don’t want to add decor at the time you can always add what you find on your travels to different locations.