Ubi ire?


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Table of Common Latin Expressions

Latin English
Salve(te)! Hello!
Vale(te)! Farewell!
Quid agis? How are you doing?
Quid annus est? What year is it?
Illud estne tuum? Is that yours?
Non scio. I don't know.
Quid edere possum. What can I eat.
Intellego. I understand.
Sic. Yes.
Non. No.
Fortasse. Maybe
Estne tutum? Is it safe?
Scisne Latine? Do you know Latin?
Aliquisne domum est? Is anyone Home?
Ubi est caupona bona? Where is a good Tavern?
Quid tempus est? What time is it?
Perio. I'm lost.
Non rape me si placet! Please don't rob me!
Mea culpa. My fault
Habesne plus vini? Do you have more wine?

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